WAVE (Web Access Validation Engine)

WAVE explained for Licencees

Registering to reach secure content on web sites is a tedious process for visitors and a chore for operators. WAVE streamlines the whole process for operators. Better still, users only have to register once. After that they can reach the secure content areas of any WAVE protected site without the need for multiple registration procedures.

WAVE has been developed by Virtual Health Network (VHN) for its own network and is now available for pharmaceutical companies who wish to ensure that their own sites comply with European regulations and the ABPI Internet Code of Conduct.

Meeting all UK Data Protection regulations and with the security of the worlds strongest encryption technology, WAVE is a realtime service. It uses the latest professional registration databases. Provided visitors are accredited by the appropriate organisation, they’ll get immediate validation and access.

If you are interested in licensing WAVE for your site, please contact sales@vhn.net

WAVE explained for Users

WAVE (Web Access Validation Engine) has been specially developed by VHN to make your access to healthcare sites as swift, as simple and as closely related to your individual needs as possible.

Once you have registered for a WAVE account, a single username and password is all you need to logon to any WAVE protected site. You can then click between sites at will, without having to re-enter your login details each time.

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